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Are you fumbling to find the perfect name for your company? Tongue-tied with your branding? Ready to launch your product or service but have no signature? Chin up! Just a Good Name is just what you need. We are fun, friendly, and ready to help you name your pride and joy; we might even name your babies! Don’t get caught in the monkey mind. Overthinking kills creativity and leads to unnatural-sounding names. Our simple 3 step process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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Our suggestions might feel like your favourite pair of shoes – the perfect fit. Or, you might find they spark your own creative genius and help you land on an idea that was there all along.

Some titles I came up with for clients (click to expand)

Here are a few examples to best understand what to feed us in this form. Each one begins with a paragraph the client submitted and my response for a name idea(s).

A sourdough bread distributor

Customer description (for brand name):
“I want to distribute sourdough bread starters in my local community. It’s not common right now, but people seem to enjoy how it brings us together, especially when we share the bread we have made at gatherings and parties. The vibe is wholesome, fun and communal.”

My name suggestions:
Born & Bread
Rising Culture
Rolling Tradition

A photography service

Customer description (for company name):
“I need a new name that encapsulates my style. Fresh, colourful, meaningful, and emotional. But also something appropriate for corporate gigs. Professional, reliable, and high quality. I’m a ninja! But I don’t want that in my branding 🙂 Also, I’m just a lot of fun and easy to work with. No pressure. I make the whole process easy and smooth.”

My name suggestions:
The Effervescent Aperture
Capturevating Photo
Quintessent Exposure
Glossy Gradience

A podcast about people's relationship to nature

Customer description (for podcast name):
“I want to create a podcast and need a name for it. It will be a series of interviews with different people from all walks of life who share their experiences with Nature and its relationship to them. (Busy moms, retired people, religious clergy, physically challenged people etc.) Guests who share their personal stories will leave the listeners feeling intrigued. Heartfelt, honest, inspiring, educational, moving, thought-provoking, and motivating.”

My name suggestions:
Earth Kin

A superfood mushroom chocolate bar provider

Customer description (for product and brand name):
“I have a new product line of medicinal mushroom chocolate bars. I want to incorporate a dark chocolate bar with the Reishi mushroom (and others).  Other bars out there have a distinct lack of noticeable mushroom portions in the bars. Thus, the proportions matter for the satisfaction of the product’s viability and potency.”

My suggestions:
For the one bar: Reishi-O (ratio)
For other bars:  Mindcellium, Turkish Tales, Lion’s Main
Biz Name: The Ethical Bribe

A statistical data service

Customer description (company name):
“My company offers research and statistical services for those who do not know or have the time to conduct their own research project. Useful, serious, educational. My expertise is in the area of doing research and statistical analyses.”

My suggestions:

Avid Acuity
Consummate Calculations
Distilled Demographics
Diametric Datasets

A charcuterie caterer serving on old live edge wood

Customer description (for a company name):
“Hand-made charcuterie boards. Different woods, sizes. Used for entertaining friends/ dinner parties. Party atmosphere. Good food, good times. It makes a great gift ( weddings, anniversaries etc). I like a play on words, something like: No longer board! Why knot!

  1. My suggestions:
    Living Edge
    Origin Platers

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Try including 3 adjectives that define how people should feel when they engage with your product/brand. For example: fun, serious, adventurous, soft, aggressive, soothing, uplifting, useful, frivolous, luxurious, unpretentious,etc.
Think about the context/audience/environment of your product or service. Might you a have particular theme built around your product that others do not? Or a particular niche crowd you are servicing? If not don't worry about it!
Doing this can help me give you better and more accurate suggestions.
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